Fine Grind Products

FG.... 002B

Product Applications


Product Highlights

Electric Utility – Environmental #100 x #325
#325 x minus
High calcium carbonate
Consistent sizing
Dry Product
Animal Feed Supplements ¼” x #16
#16 x #30
High calcium carbonate
Cool, dry product for blending with feed
Low magnesium concentrations
Glass Manufacturing #30 x #100 High calcium carbonate
Dry productLow iron concentrations
Other (Rock Dust, Mineral Filler, etc.) Various High calcium carbonate
Consistent sizing
Dry product
Cool product
Low iron concentrations
Super-sack bagging


Consistent, High-Quality, Fine Grind/Ground Calcium Carbonate

Fine Grind Product Applications:

For Animal Feed Supplements
For Electric Utility Environmental Applications
For Glass Manufacturing
For Other Applications (Rock Dust, Mineral Filler, Etc.)


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